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Our story, between dream and...madness


Welcome to the Tenuta Antica, a bio winery with a family-run Green farm.

Our story begins in 1998 when my husband Mauro and I Maria Pia, exhausted by city life, started dreaming about growing children and a place nestled in nature where we could live. In the autumn of 1999, travelling as tourists in the Langhe, we discovered a deserted farmhouse with a particular charm, a magical place with stones hidden by plaster and dusty vaults that immediately caught our attention, so I closed my eyes and, listening to my belly as I was pregnant of my eldest son Luca, I pictured our life there.
At that time we didn’t know much about agriculture, we both worked in the computer field but my intuition told me that, whatever we cultivated there, would have grown naturally, without the help of herbicides, chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Our dream was to live in a piece of paradise but also to create a productive and sustainable farm.
Mauro had already approached the world of wine, following an ONAV Course in Milan, while I had attended an agricultural orientation Course at the Agricultural School of the Monza Park. But it was the Perm culture design Course that made me realize that I had to go for a radical decision: to dedicate myself to this new life project.

So in the spring of 2000, when Luca was born, our “Follia” (Madness) has started with an important project to restore and restyle an old farmhouse with the idea of ​​creating a house for us and a quiet and relaxing place to host guests in a green farm with good wine and excellent food.
At first we did not realize the efforts needed to create a liveable and cosy place. Perhaps this was the smart play: to start an adventure without thinking too much, with a pinch of MADNESS and so much enthusiasm. As the construction site proceeded, we began the process of converting the land to organic farming: around 7 hectares cultivated with cereals and vines that had long since been abandoned. Instead of the land cultivated with wheat, barley and corn there is now a hazel grove into production. The existing vines were removed and replaced by new Barbera and Dolcetto plants and after a few years also by Pinot Noir. After a couple of years the main structure of the farmhouse was completed and habitable. The time had come to take up the challenge, with new energies and motivations. I decided to take the plunge leaving my job and the city life wand my husband Mauro, always ready to support me, while our son Luca who was growing up.

In 2003 we got the bio certification but we were not a production company yet. We had to wait 4 years for the first harvest and 5-year to bottle the first wine. We harvested the first hazelnuts after 6 years. Country-side times are definitely different.
In 2004 our first guests arrived in the rooms of our Green farm.
In 2007 the kitchen was finally ready so we could also offer a dining service and began a small production of Piedmonts compotes, sauces and starters.
In 2011 the project was completed with the construction of the cellar for wine and grape juice production.
Meanwhile, Mauro had also taken the plunge leaving the same company (yes, we met in the office!) and started dedicating himself full time to the family and to our life project.
In recent years we have created a PV system for the production of energy and solar thermal energy for hot water and created a basin for collecting rainwater. The heating is mainly wood-burning. These are some examples of SUSTAINABILITY.
Some time has passed since that spring of 2000 and we can now say that, thanks to a lot of will, love and determination, our dream has come true. A long and tiring adventure that now fills us with joy for having given birth to the Antica Tenuta, a constantly evolving Madness!

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